Innovation driven by new challenges.

AMLABEL’s mission is to continuously work with industry professionals to develop innovative solutions that address both current and future challenges that businesses face in their respective markets.
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Our beginnings are rooted in providing customers with technology that simplify their daily tasks and enhance their workflow. Currently, creating a paper label requires time, in most cases multiple printing, and manpower to ensure that all labels meet the high standards required in our industry. Through the use of a digitized label, one can update content instantaneously and manage the content in one location. With the help of our Content Management System, you can create the labels for an exhibition, submit for approval and update all in one click. We investigated all technologies in the market and ultimately chose a partner that was best in class, to bring a sustainable solution worthy of our highest standards. With AMLABEL our engineers endeavored to design an innovative smart label/signage which is bold in its function but has a minimal footprint in terms of cost and energy throughout the product lifecycle.

At AMLABEL, we strive to remain an industry leader while staying at the forefront of technological advances in e-paper digital display across a broad spectrum of industries.


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