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Gallery Digital Signage


Through a collaboration of Museum professionals,
AMLABEL designed and built a new, innovative,
green-initiative ecosystem for gallery signage. 

Fully Wireless Paper Display

AMLABEL is a digital replacement to existing gallery paper display labels.

Through the use of existing Wi-Fi networks and a customized CMS platform designed from the ground up, AMLABEL allows museums worldwide to manage and display gallery and exhibition object content on our pristine e-paper design.


Adaptive Display

AMLABEL’s screen adapts to the ambient light of it’s surroundings and displays a paper-like visibility, with a 180° viewing angle.

Wireless Connectivity

Seamlessly update the content of every device by connecting with AMLABEL’s CMS using your Wi-Fi network

Energy Efficient

The perfect green solution: the screen performs at less than 1% power consumption compared to traditional LCD screens.

Extended Battery Life

Reduced power consumption, and energy efficient technology enables AMLABEL to function for months without requiring a recharge.

Easy Installation

AMLABEL is fully operational in mere minutes after unboxing, saving your facility’s staff hours of time spent on installation.

Simple Mounting

AMLABEL’s easy-stick magnet eliminates the need for drilling, leveling, and cleaning after mounting.



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